A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been agreed between the University of Tehran College of Farabi and the Islamic University of Italy. "The MoU meeting was hold in a virtual platform on Tuesday , July 28 and the MoU document was signed by the president of both sides." Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ahmadi said as who is in charge of coordinating the implementation of this memorandum. Dr. Mohammad Ali Abdollahi; College of Farabi Int. advisor described the exchange of students and professors and the holding of short courses in the field of learning Persian and Italian as good grounds for this mutual cooperation. Dr. Alireza Mohammadrezaei, President of the Farabi Campus of the University of Tehran emphasized the need for inter-university communication and stressed that the University of Tehran attaches importance to scientific and academic communication between Iran and Europe while praising the President of the Islamic University of Italy. Take practical and effective steps towards academic cooperation, pointing to the dialogue between East and Europe and its long history and necessity at present. Prof. Giampiero Khaled Paladini, President of the Islamic University of Italy, in this meeting, emphasizing that he loves Iran; He stated that the scientific relationship between the two universities is very important in the current situation. Marta Irene Franceschini Avicenna's language center of the Islamic University of Italy also stressed her interest in the Persian language as an introduction to this mutual corporation. In the end, the memorandum was signed by the presidents of the two universities. Also, to implement the provisions of the memorandum, Dr. Khaleghi was appointed on behalf of the Islamic University of Italy and Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ahmadi on behalf of the Farabi Campus of the University of Tehran.