In the name of God



The fifth and final meeting of DFDS Spring course will be held on Wednesday June 16th, 4 pm(Tehran zone) on the subject of: "Interfaith dialogue and the divine texts" by Dr. Sarah Markiewicz from Humboldt University of Berlin. Now she is consultant with Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) for the organisation of the "World Conference on Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue" (2022) & Associated Researcher with the Research Programme on Religious Communities for Sustainable Development of the Humboldt University of Berlin

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It should be noted that DFDS(Discussion Forum on Divine Scriptures)4th meeting of its Spring series of meetings was hold on Wednesday, June 10, with a speech by Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ahmadi, Professor of Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, on the subject of "the Metaphorical approach as a way to divine texts analysis" which was reviewed by Prof.‪abdulkader Tayob from University of Cape Town in South Africa; IQNA(International Quran News Agency) reported.